Tell the truth about your job

Is your job situation crazy, unacceptable or amazing? In any case, it surely is interesting.

Write about it on Arbetarbloggen – the first worker’s blog of Sweden.

This is an independent project without affiliation to political parties or trade unions.

– Anyone is welcome to write about his/her job.

– You are welcome to write the good, the bad and the boring about your job. This way, the rest of Sweden will know about your job, so that the truth will come about about the conditions for migrant workers, and in your own words.

– The writings will not be paid because we want as many people as possible to write. The benefit for the worker is that his or her situation will be known and it could be a defence for those who are exploited.

– You can write for the blog every day, every month or every year. It is up to you. You don’t have to be a great writer, the important thing is to tell the truth.

– You can write in your language and we will translate it. We will also help you with spelling if necessary. If you write in your language we can publish both Swedish and original. If you prefer, you can send us voice messages instead of writing, that we will transcribe.

– The blog is about work, not about private life, politics, family, football or other things.

– Plaese check if your company has rules of secrecy for example about clients or customers. The site has a publishing license meaning you are not liable for what is published, yet we do not want you to get into trouble at work. You can change names and places or company and customers if you need.

– You publish with name and photo. If you want to be anonymous that is also possible, you can use alias and a photo where we the face is not recognizeable.

– If you want to participate, please contact us at

Your voice is needed!